Caltavuturo Short Leash inspiration

I moved into a new place and the door auto locked and I was constantly forgetting my keys and locking myself out.  I duck taped extra keys all over the communal parking garage. Behind the fuse box, you name it. Then I realized I needed something to make a new habit and came up with this. At first it was just the house keys and then all sorts of stuff started getting snapped on. Then I realized I could tuck the know under my belt on the motorcycle and it became a passenger handle.  I use it as a yoga prop.  Properly loaded it can double as nunchuks in a pinch. I named it the short leash because sometimes you need to keep your mind on a short leash. It also looks like a Vulture and will put anything in it's mouth so I named it Caltavuturo, where my great grandpop grew up.  According to many scholars, the name and origin is traced back to Arab rule of Sicily (the name derives from the Arabic word Qal'at Abi l-Thawr, "fortress of Abu Thawr"), named after a Muslim leader who controlled the area. Others instead maintain that the name derives from the Arabic word "qal'at" (fortress) and the Sicilian "vuturu" (vulture) meaning of "fortress of vultures." Let me know what uses you discover for it!