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Z-Lab Special Circumstances Gênes 7 Pocket System

Z-Lab's 7 pocket system is a revolution beyond the traditional 5 pocket jean with two additional pockets on the top of the thigh. This allows you to access your phone, wallet, multi-tool, even when there is a mild or acute bend at the hip.  Think easy access edc. The thigh pockets are also a good place to hold tools while you're working on something and you can hang clipped items, flashlights, knives, etc on the "tool rack" at the top of the pocket for easy access, combined with the Squid Head knee pad slots and the kevlar/denim you can get 'er done with minimal wear and tear on you and your gênes.  

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お任せ (omakase) is a Japanese word that means “entrust” or “protect”. It's used mainly in Japanese restaurants, where customers might say “お任せお願いします” (omakase onegaishimasu), which you could also translate as “Chef, I'm in your hands”. When you order Z-Lab Denim Gênes every pair is unique, you are in Chef Zorie's hands. If you still do not understand Omakase please visit a quality Sushi Bar and experience Omakase. 

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