Special Circumstances Genes in Blue and Black.

One of a kind, hand made in Los Angeles and dialed in by Zephyr Bartholomew. These came about while I was searching for good everyday riding jeans and finding nada.  Necessity is the mother. Squid Head panels for removable knee pads. Elephant Ear inner pockets for removable hip pads.  All armor can be removed without taking off the Gênes.  Anti-abrasion 55% Dupont Kevlar/ 45% Japanese Denim blend, optional non-newtonian fluidic armor.  Optional Commando lining. Add some Wax for weather protection. Delivered in custom Z-Lab Tactical Cases. Standard length is 36," for longer lengths contact us and we will work something out.  


Hand Made in Los Angeles, California -SCGv1-108- original patent certification with bitproof.io

please note - deliver approx. 6-8 weeks from order