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Zorie Barber AKA Zorlord AKA Zephyr Bartholomew AKA ZorBar is an Italian American named after his Sicilian Grandfather, Rosario Barbera.  He grew up in South Philadelphia, graduating from the prestigious Germantown Friends School and was surrounded by design as a child, raised in his mother’s interior design studio, Floss Barber, Inc.  In 1989 at the age of 19, Zorie moved to Kyoto, Japan to study Aikido at the Osaka Tenshin Dojo and augmented his Aikido practice by studying Oriental Medicine and acupuncture at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, Ca.  Bitten by the film bug, he returned to NYC and graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts film program in 1996. 

Following a stint on Wall Street at Merrill Lynch’s headquarters office in their PDP program and working as a licensed stock broker, he produced and starred in the the commercially successful comedy film “Whipped”, launching the careers of Amanda Peet, Brian Van Holt and Bridget Moynihan.  While living in Hollywood and working on a screenplay about past lives called “All the Tea in China,” he met a Tibetan Buddhist monk and spent the next 12 years going through the course of study of the great Buddhist Universities of Tibet in the Gelugpa tradition at the infamous Diamond Mountain University.  “The Yoga Sutra” film came from a synthesis of his desire to adapt Michael Roach and Christy Mcnally’s dramatic novel “How Yoga Works” for the big screen and his desire to recapitulate his many years of studying the philosophies of the Buddhists and the practical martial arts of the Japanese Budo masters. 

A lifelong motorcyclist, Zorie has recently launched Z-Lab Denim, an ultra premium line of protective motorcycle clothing and practical yoga pants for men and women.   Zorie speaks four languages and continues to practice and teach Aikido, Yoga, and Meditation around the world, splitting his time between the USA, Europe and Japan.  He is currently developing new designs for Z-Lab Denim and putting together the productions of “The Eighth Samurai” and “The Reality Trigger” a feature film inspired by his experiences in Japan studying martial arts.